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Innofab’s range of prefabricated wall, floor and roof cassette panels are standardised yet flexible to give you the advantage of time and cost efficiencies while also remaining faithful to your design.

Prefabricated building cassette panel components.

All building components are manufactured off site using innovative European technology and created from high-quality LVL timber for a stronger structure less likely to bow and twist. On top of this, within our controlled factory environment, timber is held in a climate-controlled space so it is far less prone to movement as frames dry out.

Additionally, to save onsite work and error, cut outs for service penetrations are completed during off-site manufacturing. They also come pre-installed with external aluminium joinery so you don’t have to wait for site measurements and direct enclosure of buildings. All cassette panels are dimensionally accurate within +/- 2mm of square for every panel.

Innofab cassette panels have been used in schools, social and residential housing, hotels, apartments, and other commercial builds.