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We provide the education sector with high-quality, efficient builds in the form of transportable modules that are very essence of a ‘modern learning environment’. 

Warm, dry learning environments, fast!

With school rolls growing rapidly, Innofab’s education solutions enable faster construction to meet schools’ needs. We have a series of products suitable for education purposes nationwide.

Our transportable modules are designed to be flexible, sustainable, well-connected learning spaces. These versatile modules can be used for a multitude of purposes such as classrooms, offices and collaborative areas. They arrive on-site near completion, ready for services to be connected.

We can also provide components for fully inclusive and accessible 1-2 storey classrooms. These are designed in accordance with NZS 4121:2001 Design and Access to Mobility - Buildings and Associated facilities.

Accessible bathroom pods designed to suit the Ministry of Education standard are also available.

Our off-site manufacturing method is faster, bringing occupation forward. Off-site manufacturing also
minimises disruption during installation should work be required during term time.

Innofab is part of Southbase Group.